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Branded Boards

Barstool Sports working with our subsidiary Pickle Sports is proud to introduce a range of custom made boards which meet the ACO tournament specifications offering unparalleled features and design. After a year of testing, we've found the perfect solution to common issues cornhole enthusiasts and business face. We offer the boards in three options:


Custom Hand Painted - Hand painted with our love for the game, these boards are the definition of class. With options to add vinyl logos, this version provides branding and longevity for all types of organisations.


Interchangeable Vinyl - It took us a year of trial and error to develop these customizable board 'Skins' which are a Vinyl finish on the top of the board. What makes our boards unique is the our 'Skins' are Interchangeable which are ideal for bars, marketing, and events based business who are looking to promote new brands and products with minimal effort.











Promotional Gifts

Barstool Sports offers a wide range of marketing and promotional gifts which coincide with our games and events products. From branded beer kozies to lounging bean bags, we have unique ideas to set your brand apart. In addition, almost all of our Pickle Sports retail line is customizable to suit your branding needs.

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Covid Update

As most of our events entail games where distancing and space is required, we are able to provide services in Tier 2 lockdown. We have trained our staff and introduced new policies to ensure we are adhering to all government guidance. This includes additional hygeine practices limiting the sharing of

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